Legal Guide to Civil Appeals
Written by Pang Kong Leng


The pursuit of justice does not always end with a verdict being handed down by one judge. Along with the right to a speedy trial, a litigant has the right to challenge an unfavourable verdict and to appeal to a higher court. This book will essentially equip a lawyer who is embarking on an appeal with a procedural guide in preparing the appeal from the lower courts to the highest court.

Written for the busy practitioner, this book is presented in a manner which allows a lawyer wishing to focus on a specific type of appeal to find everything he needs in one chapter i.e. information on what he needs to draft, how to draft, when to file the appeal and all the consequential steps involved.

The relevant rules of courts, practice direction and legislation are provided for each stage of an appeal, and are supplemented with selected cases to interpret and explain the applications of the procedural provisions.

For each stage of appeal, prescribed court forms and sample court documents including sample affidavits to be drafted are provided in both English and Bahasa Malaysia as a guide to the user.

Designed for quick and easy reference, it is a portable guide to the practice and procedure of civil appeals in Malaysia.